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You will feel comfortable at the newest massage parlor in Rochester at your next massage with the very caring staff and relaxing environment.

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If you struggle with constant foot pain, then a foot reflexology massage provided by the Asian massage therapist with over 5-years' experience at Happy Body & Feet Massage can help.

Receive a refreshing and healing physical change to your body

Focus on reflexology zones for maximum relief

The highly trained foot reflexology therapists at family owned and operated Happy Body & Feet Massage know exactly where the system of zones and reflex areas are located on your feet.

Stop in or call Happy Body & Feet Massage

7-days a week for a thorough foot massage.


By applying pressure to your feet without the use of oil or lotion, your masseuse will pinpoint different areas on your foot to help relieve pain.

Relieve pain naturally with a foot reflexology massage provided by Happy Body & Feet Massage.

If you want to feel refreshed and have a sense of physical healing to your body, schedule an appointment or stop by Happy Body & Feet Massage 7-days a week for a foot reflexology massage.

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